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Hotel Światowit
Hotel Światowit


3-star Światowit hotel, the second of the highest hotel buildings in Łódź has always functioned as elegant tourist class facility: with good standard, extensive offer and affordable prices.


First guests visited this 46-meters high hotel in 1977. Thanks to good location in the city centre, it attracted tourists, businessmen and artists. There have never been any problems with attendance. Together with Centrum hotel, Światowit constitutes accommodation for significant cultural events, such as: International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography or Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival. Also famous Polish artists visited it - among frequent guests there was Zbigniew Hołdys or Krystyna Prońko. Young fashion designers from London or Brighton, who presented their collections during international Diploma Gala of prof Barbara Hanuszkiewicz, stayed overnight in the hotel. Światowit also hosts businessmen, sales representatives or scientists, among others many of 200 experts in transportation from all over the world, who came to Łódź for the conference of International Association of Public Transport (UITP). In the past the hotel hosted participants of famous Friendship Trains from partner Soviet bloc countries. For many years three or four hotel floors had been rented for this purpose.


Światowit participates in cultural and charity events. Inside the hotel there used to be the Borodino art gallery, where painters, graphic artists and designers presented their works. Also sport tournaments are held here, e.g. next stages of Łódź tournament in chess. On the walls there are 12 paintings created by handicapped artists from Our Gallery in Łódzki Dom Kultury, which were bought by "Centrum-Hotele" company for the hotel.


Location of Światowit hotel is excellent. Behind the hotel there is a historic Piotrkowska Street with Art Nouveau tenements, which can be watched from original means of transport: renovated historic tram or rickshaws. Along the promenade there are two kilometres of pubs, clubs and multinational restaurants (details about Piotrkowska night life and most famous pubs). There is also an art gallery. Atlas Sztuki established in a devastated synagogue under number 114/116 is especially worth seeing. For the purpose of adaptation of the building for the needs of contemporary art gallery and organization of Roman Opałka's works exhibition Atlas was awarded in 2003 with the first and only prize in the contest: "Contemporary art in public space". Exhibitions of such giants as Roman Opałka, Rob Krier, Zbigniew Libera, Józef Robakowski, Gerhard Jurgen Blum-Kwiatkowski, Laura Pawela and many others contributed to acknowledgement of Atlas as the best private art gallery in Poland ("Polityka" ranking).


It takes only several steps to get from the hotel to al. Piłsudskiego and the skyscrapers estate i.e. Manhattan in Łódź, where Silver Screen cinema (the first of multiplexes in Łódź) is located. One can watch here not only the latest movies from all over the world but also play pool and bowling or visit a Chinese restaurant or one of summer beer gardens. Culture lovers should visit Manhattan gallery, which since 1991 has collected valuable works of contemporary art and organised performances and happenings.


The hotel is also located near to the second of large train stations in Łódź i.e. Łódź-Kaliska train station. The immediate proximity of city centre and key communication routes makes Światowit a very good choice both for tourists visiting the city and people that come to Łódź for business purposes.



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